ISLAMABAD: The Minister of State (Power Division), Ch. Abid Sher Ali had a bilateral meeting with Mr. Adnan Z. Amin, DG IRENA on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at AEDB Head Office, Islamabad. Mr. Amjad Ali Awan, CEO AEDB was also present in the meeting. Mr. Adnan was in Pakistan for the official launch of the Renewable Readiness Assessment (RRA) Report for Pakistan as prepared by IRENA.

This RRA report has critically analyzed the renewable energy sector of Pakistan and has provided a comprehensive analysis of the country’s energy sector, valuable policy guidance and technical assistance to determine our best available renewable-based power options and identifies key actions to accelerate renewable energy deployment. Ch. Abid Sher Ali thanked DG IRENA for undertaking this RRA report. He said that Pakistan is rich in renewable energy potential, and can with this assessment develop policies, investment opportunities and energy development actions to harness it.

Critical to this report has been IRENA’s valuable policy guidance and technical assistance to determine our best available renewable-based power options.

DG IRENA thanked Ch. Abid Sher Ali and Mr. Amjad Ali Awan for the local hospitality extended to him during his visit. He presented RRA Report to Minister of State and briefed him about salient features of the RRA report and its important recommendations which can help Pakistan in scaling up Renewable Energies in short and medium term. He indicated that rapid economic and industrial development in Pakistan will transpire into strong energy demand in the country in days to come. To meet this demand, Pakistan needs to exploit abundantly available solar, wind, biomass, hydropower and geothermal resource potential and avail benefit of tremendous opportunity to cost-effectively tap these resources. This will also support in national prosperity and job creation, whilst enhancing security of energy supply, improving access and moving Pakistan towards greater energy independence. He assured his fullest support in promoting and developing renewable energies from the forum if IRENA.

CEO AEDB briefedthe DG-IRENA about achievements that so far have been made in the renewable energy sector in Pakistan, current initiatives, status of development and future prospects. He informed that current developments in the country has set a strong footing for promoting renewable energies, from where, the sector can quickly fly.

Due to significant progress in the sector in last 3-4 years, Pakistan is seen as an attractive market for investment. The need is to jointly manage the risks perceptions in the eyes of the public sector stakeholders, the risks identified by IRENA and implement the recommendations given in the RRA report. The Minister of State, Ch. Abid Sher Ali, the DG IRENA, Mr. Adnan Z. Amin and CEO, AEDB Mr. Amjad Ali Awan resolved to work together for scaling up renewable energies in Pakistan in sustainable way.

DG IRENA assured full support in this regard to the extent possible.