All social safety nets of the World should work in a well coordinated manner to achieve the common objectives of eradicating poverty. Marvi Memon, Minister for state and Dr. Margarita Cedeno de Fernandez Vice President Dominican republican has agreed in the meeting held in Presidential palace Santo Domingo, Capital of Dominican Republic. Vice President thanked Ms. Memon for accepting the invitation to visit Dominican Republic to exchange the progressive learning of successful programs being implemented in both countries. Ms. Marvi Memon has also appreciated the work done by the Dominican Republic government for serving the poorest of the poor segment of the society. She appreciated the vice president’s personal efforts to make the programme a success by introducing targeted subsidies. Vice President has also applauded the efforts made by BISP to eradicate the poverty from the country by providing targeted financial assistance to 5.7 million families. Minister for state and Vice president while discussing the common practices i.e. National Socio Economic Registry, Conditional Cash Transfer etc. being implemented in both countries have agreed to help each other in improving the system to achieve better results in an efficient manner. Vice President showed her key interest in biometric based payment mechanism being implemented in Pakistan to replicate in their country to make the payment system more transparent. Minister for state expressed that comprehensive social safety net is the requirement of every country in the world with the long term objective to eradicate the poverty from the country. Minister for state, Ms. Marvi Memon invited the vice president to visit Pakistan to see the good practices to replicate in their country. Vice President while accepting the invitation showed key interest in successful initiatives of BISP